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Provisions and Instructions

All prices quoted are final prices and do include Swiss VAT (8.1%). There are no additional costs for orders within Switzerland.
For delivery of RC-electronic products to EU countries please contact my distributor Lili-Modellbau .
If there are some questions please contact me:  info@hamatronic.ch .

Orders within Switzerland can be paid by invoice.
For the payment of RC-electronic products within EU countries my distributor Lili-Modellbau is responsible.
Otherwise payment in advance is required, preferred in CHF by PayPal
or in € by bank transfer (SEPA !).

Exclusion of Liability
The use of all offered products is at your own risk.
The products may only be operated under supervision.
Any liability is rejected for damages and consequential damages.

Intended Purpose
The products offered are intended solely for use in the described area (see functional description/ operating instructions/ homepage), other use is not permitted.
Only competent persons are authorised to put products with external supply into operation.
It is prohibited to put the product into operation by children younger than 14 years.

Safety Notes
You have to read carefully and observe the funcitonal decription/ instruction manual.
To run the product, all components (incl. supply cables) must be in technical perfect condition. If there is a fault, stop operation immediately.
All technical characteristics described in the functional description/ operating instructions/ homepage (e.g. max. operating voltage) must be observed.
Connect the product only if the power supply is switched off.
Use only electrical energy sources which comply with the applicable regulations.
Ensure to be discharged electrostatically by touching a grounded object (e.g. radiator, water tap, grounded device) before putting the product into operation.
You must ensure that a fault behaviour of the product (e.g. due to defect or external influences) can not endanger health/ the environment. Consider always the endangerment of the product itself AND in conjunction with other components.
If there is a ambiguity, first contact HAMAtronic before you put the product into operation.

Malfunction / Repair
Please contact HAMAtronic if there is a behave incorrectly/ malfunction by the product.
Most products can be repaired. The repair may only carried out by HAMAtronic.
If there is a malfunction caused by a manufacturing defect within the statutory warranty period, the repair will be warranted, of course.
Wear and tear due to normal/ excessive use do not constitute a warranty claim.

Disposal Electronic Waste
Never throw electronic and electrical devices into the household waste !
The customer is obliged to dispose of the product properly !
It can be returned to an official collection point or directly to HAMAtronic.