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Electronics Developments
Bild Elektronik-Entwicklung
Development of small electronic circuits :
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RC-Electronic: Distributor in Germany

Now, all RC-electronic products for customers from EU countries are distributed by Lili-Modellbau .
The great advantage of this is that no EU cross-border shipping (with subsequent VAT invoicing) is necessary.
Within Switzerland you can order from me or from Racing-Modellbau .

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RC-Electronic: RC-Steering Axle Control  for RC-Truck-Trailers

Versatile control system for RC-truck-trailers with one or two steerable axles.
There are a lot of different functions, individual parametrisable.


: RC-Pressure Controller (for airpressure-components for function models)

Pressure controller for pneumatics for function models (e.g.  airsuspension, brakes, interlocks, etc.).
The pressure is controlled to a constant value; it is adjusted with the poti or with a RC channel.


: RC-Hydraulicpump-Signalmixer (for BMA-modul)

RC-Signalmixer for trigger a motor controller for a hydraulic pump, using two different RC-signals.